Where to buy Pallets in Dallas, Texas?

August 20, 2023
Written by Zach DoRflinger

Where to buy Pallets in Dallas, Texas?

Success in a logistics-heavy operation hinges on picking the right pallet provider to keep your business moving smoothly. You want a company that can promise excellent customer service, reliable shipping, quality products, and competitively priced. Let's break that down.

We've researched and scrutinized pallet companies operating in the Texas area, judging them based on four vital criteria - customer service, reliability, quality, and cost-effectiveness. 

With this analysis, we've compiled a ranked list of the best pallet suppliers & pallet providers in Texas. If you're investigating where to buy pallets in Texas, look no further.

Top Pallet Suppliers in Texas


  • Customer Service
  • Reliability
  • Quality
  • Cost Effectiveness

1. Pallets of Texas


Pallet of Texas Logo

Leading our list of best pallet suppliers in Texas, Pallets of Texas is our top pick for. They're a premier source for quality pallets in the Lone Star state of Texas. An industry leader, they guarantee the delivery of top graded pallets on time, every time. They boast an A + Better Business Bureau (BBB) grade, and a 4.8 on Google Reviews. 

They focus on building new, used and recycled pallets made-to-order to specific client needs and offer reliable delivery services they ensure arrives on time, every time. They have a deep expertise in building and delivering tailored, standard and refurbished pallets. Key Benefits are customer satisfaction, on-time delivery, and tailored pallets.

While there are many options in Texas, when you consider the broad range of services, unrivaled customer-focused reputation, and an unwavering commitment to delivering only the highest quality products, Pallets of Texas firmly stands out from the crowd.

2. General Packaging Corporation


logo for ranked 2 pallet company in Texas

Known for their custom focus, General Packaging Corporation offers a wide range of “standard” size new-construction pallets in heat-treated lumber. They provide oversized and extra heavy-duty pallets while maintaining a customer-driven approach in all packaging needs. Key benefits include customized oversized and heavyweight options, customer-centric approach and a robust design process. GPC has a 4.4 review on Google and their lone 1-star review noted delivery delays and high pricing.

3. Wiley Pallet


logo for ranked 3 pallet company in Texas

Wiley Pallets is a national brand that procures new pallet inventory by leveraging their established partnerships across North American. They skillfully select the highest quality used pallets to provide sustainable solutions for businesses. They also have a robust used pallet removal service. Key benefits include careful selection of pallets, recycling initiatives, and business partnership network. 

4. Kamps Pallets


logo for ranked 4 pallet company in Texas

Kamps Pallets pledge to keep your supply chain running optimally with their flexible control processes. Whether you’re in need of new or recycled pallets, they offer both, delivering custom-size pallets for your business thereby achieving top-tier supply chain efficiency. The only reason they’re lower on this list is because of their 3.3 Glassdoor reviews. Key benefits include flexibility, comprehensive quality control, and cost-effective options.

5. Eagle Pallet


logo for ranked 5 pallet company in Texas

Eagle Pallet offers a wide variety of services beyond what many on the list provide. They go the extra mile offering pressure wash, strap, and label pallets while also offering dropped trailers. Key benefits include comprehensiveness, quality control, and resource conservation.

6. Pallet One


logo for ranked 6 pallet company in Texas

PalletOne Inc. claims to be the largest single-source, asset-based pallet manufacturer in the nation. Housing over 70 company-owned pallet manufacturing operations across the U.S., their advanced services also extend to wood packaging and pallet design. Key benefits are control of materials and labor resources, custom, and advanced services. PalletOne has an impressive 4.3 employee rating. 

7. A Grade Pallet


Emphasizing craftsmanship and customer service, A Grade Pallet, a local and family-owned business, is top-tier in customized wood pallets. They strive to go beyond the customer's expectations in providing the best possible product. Key benefits include localized service, guaranteed quality, and customer service focus.

8. DFW-A1


Hailed as one of the best independently owned wooden pallet recycling facilities in the Dallas Fort Worth area, DFW-A1 has been serving customers for 20 years. Providing wooden pallets without any minimum order restrictions, this company has everything covered from new and used pallets to heat-treated ones, in any size you need, always at competitive rates. Key benefits are the no minimum order policy, comprehensive pallet options, and competitive pricing.

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